lee kuan yew quotes


LKY: If aljunied decides to go that way, well aljunied has five years to live and repent. if they choose the opposition, then i say good luck to them. they have five years to ruminate and to regret what they did. and i have no doubts they will regret it.


LKY: Even from my sick bed, if you are going to lower me into the grave and i feel something is going wrong, i will get up.


LKY: Singaporeans would be healthier and happier if they worked for as long as they could. There should be no retirement age for workers.


LKY: If Singapore depends on the talent it can produce out of 3 million people. It’s not going to punch above its weight. So you’ve got to accept the discomfort which the local citizens feel, that they are competing unequally for jobs. cannot be helped.


LKY: Voters must be daft if they found fault with government’s housing policies. …not to cast a protest vote against the ruling party over this.


LKY: If we had considered them serious, political figures, we would not have kept them politically alive for so long. We could have bankrupt them earlier.


LKY: If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem.


LKY: If singapore is a nanny state, then i am proud to have fostered one.


LKY: I ignore polling as method of government. …whichever way the media encourages the people to go, you follow. if you can’t force or are unwilling to force your people to follow you, with or without threats, you are not a leader.


LKY: He picked up from me a certain way of thinking, certain logic, certain cut of mind. he has got from his mother a facility with words, and a certain intuition. so please do give him some slack, if you find that he thinks slowly, and speaks even more slowly.


LKY: Please do not assume that you can change governments. young people don’t understand this.


LKY: And as i’ve said, if aljunied decides to go that way, well aljunied have five years to grieve and repent. losing one GRC does not mean the end of the world. i am 87. i am speaking the truth. i do not want to be hypocritical.


LKY: s’pore women will become maids in other people’s countries, foreign workers. i cannot have that.


LKY: if you say that policy is at fault you must be daft.